Add a few others TestNets

To send data and tokens from external networks, add those networks to your EVM-compatibility wallet and get some free coins and tokens from faucets.

Supported chains:

  • YARchain (TestNet)

  • Ethereum Sepolia

  • Polygon Amoy

  • Optimism Sepolia

  • Avalanche Fuji

  • Base Sepolia

  • SKALE Europe

  • Binance Smart Chain (TestNet)

Currently YAR supports all EVM-based blockchains (it is about 230 chains), but it is tough to find test coins for not-so-popular but still valued networks. If you have some free coins of any (listed or unlisted) EVM-based chain, please share them with us.

Just donate it on 0x51155c8E42b1d0caEF3A0c6653d7b18db384d38f and send a message with the "Bridge Message" from the Donated address to the "Receive on YARchain TestNet: 0x51155c8E42b1d0caEF3A0c6653d7b18db384d38f address.

Enter the BlockchainName that you donated or the BlockchainName that you want to add to the YAR interconnector.

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