Anyone can become a validator node. They send a predetermined amount of YAR to a smart contract that confirms ownership of funds and node status as a YAR chain validator node. Validator Nodes are randomly selected to confirm the next block.

Nodes are called every 2 minutes to keep up to date. Nodes that don't respond to the calls are excluded from block verification for the next 2 minutes.

This ensures that the asset swap service is always available for users. It also prevents multiple people from gaining full control of the network.

Node technical requirements


  1. CPU: 2 CPUs

  2. RAM: 4 GB

  3. Storage: 40 GB


  1. CPU: 4 CPUs

  2. RAM: 12 GB

  3. Storage: 80 GB

Network management

Nodes participate equally in network management by voting for/against the introduction of changes. Decisions are made by a simple majority within a period not exceeding 7 days. The validator nodes can change the rules of the system. However, they cannot decide which transactions can be performed or which platforms are supported. Of course, Validator nodes remain anonymous in the network. A node cannot talk to another node or find out who controls another node.

Validator nodes receive a reward for each block and cannot claim a reward when a node is offline.

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