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Currently, there are 2 level 0 platforms on the market, more than 200 level 1 blockchains, and more than 600 level 2 protocols. With the current diversity, the user is forced to choose not a convenient technological solution, not one tool for the implementation of their tasks, but the degree of alternative, a compromise on which he can go to get the required result.
The complexity of using powerful decentralized solutions is determined by the large number of centralized services that simplify and speed up the use of blockchain technology.
At the same time, we see an exponentially growing demand for decentralized solutions. The only thing that hinders the widespread use of blockchains is the lack of a single industry standard for information exchange, a universal solution for interaction between networks.
This obvious need formed the basis of the YAR project.
YAR is an interconnector, a modular solution for interacting with the blockchain.
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