YAR architecture

YAR consists of three decentralized solutions - YAR chain, YAR protocol, and YAR vault:

  • The YAR chain ensures the operation of smart contracts;

  • The YAR protocol stores a set of connectors that ensure the interaction of smart contracts deployed in the YAR chain with external sources, objects, and subjects of those sources;

  • The YAR vault creates and stores private TSS keys YAR protocol.

YAR allows the developer to create smart contracts by connecting any number of available blockchains to them, and work with coins, tokens, smart contracts, and any other objects and entities as if all this was directly available in the ecosystem. At the same time, the requirements of reciprocity, consistency, and decentralization are observed. An important aspect, by creating a smart contract in YAR, the results of its work can be used in any other connected blockchain, which will lead to an increase in the interoperability of all blockchain networks in the future.

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