Protocol updates

There are 3 main components of the software on which the nodes run:

  • YAR chain - operates and manages a blockchain;

  • YAR protocol - runs and manages the interoperability protocol and stores key values;

  • YAR vault - a network software - stores the key generation and signature of the TSS protocol.

The software is updated when the validator nodes have voted for the network update and are disconnected from the network for the update. At the time of the update, they don't receive any compensation and can be excluded from the list of Validator Nodes for up to 2 minutes. In addition, there are versions of the YAR chain and YAR protocol. When a node wants to register, it must be informed which versions it's using. The network can select them if they're using software that's more recent than 55% of the active nodes.

When the network software is updated, the validation nodes first agree on a specific block number in the future when the update occurs. When the network reaches this point, the entire chain stops working. A "genesis import" to a new network is created and the old network is shut down.

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