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YAR v.0.2pre-beta — Rewarding Usage Experience

After adding the necessary networks and getting free coins and erc20 tokens, you need to go to the interface of the interconnector:
On Nov 10th, 2023 the interconnector supports only the transfer of coins, erc20, erc721 & erc1155 tokens.
On this page you need:
  • Connect your wallet - "Connect"
  • Enter the erc20 token contract address - "Contract"
  • Enter the recipient's address: "Receiver"
  • For coin: Choose "Native" tab in ERC20 section.
  • For erc721 & erc1155: Enter the ID of token
  • Enter the quantity to be sent: "Amount"
  • Choose the network from which you are sending the token: "From"
  • Choose a network that the token is being sent to: "To"
  • Click "Transfer" - the window will open MetaMask in which you need to confirm access to the selected token by clicking "Confirm".
  • When the window is updated and it shows the address of the transaction,
  • Press "Transfer" and in the opened window MetaMask you need to confirm sending a token to another network by pressing "Confirm".